Attending Live Shows and Performances in Bucharest Romania & Video

Attending Live Shows and Performances in Bucharest Romania

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Attending Live Shows and Performances in Bucharest, Romania

Bucharest, the vibrant capital city of Romania, offers a plethora of live shows and performances for both locals and tourists to enjoy. From classical music concerts to contemporary dance performances, Bucharest’s cultural scene is diverse and rich. In this article, we will explore the various venues and events that make attending live shows in Bucharest a memorable experience.


  • National Opera House: Located in the heart of Bucharest, the National Opera House is a grand venue known for its spectacular opera and ballet performances. The stunning architecture of the building adds to the enchanting atmosphere of the shows.
  • Arena Națională: This modern stadium is not only a sports arena but also a popular venue for large-scale concerts and music events. With its state-of-the-art facilities, it attracts renowned international artists and bands.
  • Ateneul Român: Built in the neoclassical style, Ateneul Român is a prestigious concert hall that hosts classical music concerts, chamber music recitals, and symphony performances. The exceptional acoustics of the hall enhance the musical experience.
  • Arenele Romane: Known for its open-air concerts, Arenele Romane offers a unique experience where audiences can enjoy live music performances in an outdoor setting. The venue hosts a variety of genres, including rock, pop, and electronic music.
  • Salonul de Proiecte: This contemporary art space not only showcases visual arts but also hosts experimental performances, theater plays, and multimedia shows. It is a hub for avant-garde and innovative artistic expressions.

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Classical Music Concerts

  • Romanian Athenaeum Orchestra: The Romanian Athenaeum Orchestra is renowned for its exceptional performances of classical masterpieces. Their repertoire includes works by Romanian composers such as George Enescu, as well as renowned international composers.
  • George Enescu Philharmonic: Named after the famous Romanian composer George Enescu, the Philharmonic Orchestra performs a wide range of classical music, from symphonies to chamber music. Their concerts often take place at the Ateneul Român.
  • Romanian National Opera: The Romanian National Opera showcases breathtaking opera and ballet performances, featuring talented local and international artists. The productions range from beloved classics to contemporary works.

Theater Performances

  • Bulandra Theater: Known for its innovative and thought-provoking productions, Bulandra Theater offers a diverse repertoire, including both Romanian and international plays. The theater’s talented actors and directors create captivating performances.
  • Teatrul Odeon: Teatrul Odeon is a renowned theater that stages both classical and contemporary plays. Their thought-provoking productions often tackle social and political issues, pushing the boundaries of traditional theater.
  • Nottara Theater: Nottara Theater is known for its diverse repertoire, ranging from classic plays to experimental performances. The theater hosts both Romanian and international productions, attracting theater enthusiasts of all tastes.

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Dance Performances

  • National Dance Center: The National Dance Center is a hub for contemporary dance in Bucharest. It showcases the works of talented local and international choreographers, offering a diverse range of dance performances.
  • George Enescu National University of Arts: The university’s dance department often presents student showcases and performances, providing a platform for emerging dance artists. These performances are an excellent opportunity to witness the future of dance.
  • Independent Dance Scene: Bucharest’s independent dance scene is vibrant and thriving, with various small theaters and art spaces hosting experimental and boundary-pushing dance performances. These shows offer a unique and intimate experience.

Music Festivals

  • Untold Festival: Held annually in Cluj-Napoca, a city close to Bucharest, the Untold Festival is one of the largest electronic music festivals in Europe. It attracts renowned DJs and electronic music enthusiasts from around the world.
  • Electric Castle Festival: Another popular music festival near Bucharest is the Electric Castle Festival, which combines music, art, and technology. It offers a diverse lineup of artists from various genres, creating an immersive festival experience.
  • JazzTM Festival: Taking place in Timișoara, a city in western Romania, the JazzTM Festival celebrates jazz music with performances by both established and emerging jazz artists. The festival attracts jazz enthusiasts from all over the country.

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Ticket Information

  • Online Ticketing Platforms: Websites like Eventim,, and offer a wide range of tickets for various live shows and performances in Bucharest. These platforms allow you to browse upcoming events, choose your seats, and conveniently purchase tickets online.
  • Box Offices: Many venues have their own box offices where you can purchase tickets in person. It is recommended to check the opening hours of the box office and arrive early to secure your desired seats.
  • Reservations: Some shows and performances allow reservations, especially for theater productions. You can contact the venue or production company directly to inquire about reservation options.


Attending live shows and performances in Bucharest offers a captivating cultural experience. From classical music concerts to theater plays and dance performances, the city’s vibrant arts scene caters to a wide range of interests. Whether you are a local resident or a visitor, exploring Bucharest’s rich cultural offerings will undoubtedly leave you with memorable moments and a deeper appreciation for the arts.