Local's Guide to Beijing China: Best Taxis and Rideshares & Video

Local’s Guide to Beijing China: Best Taxis and Rideshares

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Local’s Guide to Beijing China: Best Taxis and Rideshares

Beijing, the capital city of China, is a vibrant and bustling metropolis with a rich cultural heritage and numerous attractions. Navigating the city can be overwhelming, especially for first-time visitors. In this guide, we will explore the best taxi services and rideshares available in Beijing, providing you with all the information you need to make your transportation experience smooth and convenient.

Beijing China

Taxis in Beijing

  • Beijing Taxi Service: The official taxi service in Beijing is operated by various companies, including Beijing Taxi Group and Shouqi Taxi. These taxis are easily recognizable by their distinct color scheme of predominantly red with a yellow top.
  • Beijing taxis are equipped with meters, and fares are calculated based on distance traveled. The initial flag fall is 13 RMB (Chinese Yuan), and the fare increases based on the distance covered. Additional charges may apply during peak hours and late-night trips.

  • Hailing a Taxi: Taxis can be hailed easily on the street by raising your hand. It is advisable to hail a taxi from designated taxi stands or popular tourist areas to ensure availability.
  • However, during rush hours or bad weather, it may be challenging to find an available taxi. It is recommended to have the Chinese name or address of your destination written down to show the taxi driver, as English communication can be limited.

  • Didi Chuxing: Didi Chuxing is a popular rideshare platform in China, often referred to as the “Uber of China.” It allows users to book taxis, private cars, and shared rides through a mobile app.
  • Using Didi Chuxing can be convenient, especially if you prefer the ease of booking and paying through a smartphone app. The app is available in English, making it accessible to international travelers.

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Rideshares in Beijing

  • Didi Express: Didi Express is a popular option for ridesharing in Beijing. It offers a more affordable alternative to traditional taxis and provides a convenient way to navigate the city.
  • With Didi Express, you can choose between different car types, including economy, luxury, and minivans, depending on your preferences and group size. The fares are usually lower compared to regular taxis.

  • Uber: Although Uber is not as prevalent in China as Didi Chuxing, it still operates in Beijing. The process for booking an Uber is similar to other international locations, and the app is available in English.
  • Uber in Beijing offers a range of options, including UberX and UberBlack, catering to different budgets and preferences. It is advisable to have a working internet connection to ensure a seamless experience.

  • Caocao Chuxing: Caocao Chuxing is an electric vehicle rideshare service available in Beijing. It focuses on providing environmentally friendly transportation options to reduce carbon emissions.
  • Using Caocao Chuxing can be a sustainable choice for getting around Beijing. The service is known for its clean and comfortable electric vehicles, as well as competitive fares.

Beijing China

Tips for Using Taxis and Rideshares in Beijing

  • Peak Hours: It is important to note that traffic congestion in Beijing can be intense, especially during peak hours. Plan your trips accordingly and allow extra travel time to avoid any potential delays.
  • Payment Methods: Most taxis and rideshares in Beijing accept cash, but some also offer digital payment options such as WeChat Pay or Alipay. Make sure to have some local currency on hand or set up a digital payment account for a hassle-free experience.
  • Language Barrier: While some taxi drivers may understand basic English, it is recommended to have important addresses and destinations written down in Chinese characters. This will help you communicate your destination more effectively.
  • Tipping: Tipping is not customary in Beijing, so there is no need to tip taxi drivers or rideshare drivers. Simply pay the fare indicated on the meter or in the app.
  • Safety: As with any mode of transportation, it is essential to prioritize your safety. Ensure that the taxi or rideshare vehicle you board is legitimate and has proper identification. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe, exit the vehicle and seek assistance.


When exploring Beijing, having reliable transportation options like taxis and rideshares can greatly enhance your experience. Whether you choose to hail a traditional taxi or opt for a rideshare service, the key is to plan ahead, be prepared with essential information, and enjoy the convenience of getting around this vibrant city.


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