Local's Guide to Bucharest Romania: Best Taxis and Rideshares & Video

Local’s Guide to Bucharest Romania: Best Taxis and Rideshares

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Bucharest, the capital of Romania, is a vibrant and bustling city with a rich history and culture. As a local, navigating the city and finding the best transportation options can be a daunting task. In this guide, we will explore the best taxis and rideshares in Bucharest, ensuring that you have a smooth and enjoyable experience getting around the city.

Taxis in Bucharest

Taxis are a popular mode of transportation in Bucharest, offering convenience and reliability. However, it is important to choose reputable taxi companies to avoid scams or overcharging. Here are some of the best taxi companies in Bucharest:

  • Speed Taxi: Known for its professional drivers and well-maintained vehicles, Speed Taxi is a reliable option for getting around Bucharest. They have a user-friendly app that allows you to request a taxi with just a few taps on your smartphone.
  • Cristaxi: With a large fleet of taxis, Cristaxi is another trusted taxi company in Bucharest. Their drivers are known for their knowledge of the city and friendly service. You can easily hail a Cristaxi on the street or book one through their app.
  • Taxi Total: Taxi Total is a popular choice among locals and tourists alike. Their drivers are known for their punctuality and professionalism. You can find their taxis at designated taxi stands or book one through their app.
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Rideshares in Bucharest

Ridesharing services have gained popularity worldwide, and Bucharest is no exception. These services offer convenience, affordability, and often a higher level of comfort compared to traditional taxis. Here are some popular rideshare options in Bucharest:

  • Uber: Uber is a well-known rideshare platform available in Bucharest. With just a few taps on your smartphone, you can request a ride and track the driver’s arrival in real-time. Uber offers a variety of vehicle options, including standard cars and larger vehicles for groups.
  • Bolt (formerly Taxify): Bolt is another popular rideshare service in Bucharest. They offer competitive prices and quick response times. Bolt also provides the option to share your ride with other passengers traveling in the same direction, reducing costs.
  • Clever: Clever is a local rideshare platform that operates in Bucharest. They offer competitive rates and a reliable service. Clever drivers are known for their friendliness and knowledge of the city.
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Choosing the Best Option

When deciding between taxis and rideshares in Bucharest, there are a few factors to consider. If you prefer the convenience of hailing a taxi on the street, taxis may be the right choice for you. However, if you value the ability to track your ride, pay through a mobile app, and have a wider range of vehicle options, rideshares like Uber or Bolt may be more suitable.

It’s also important to note that prices may vary between taxis and rideshares, so it’s a good idea to compare fares before making a decision. Additionally, during peak hours or special events, surge pricing may apply to rideshares, resulting in higher fares.

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Booking and Payment

Booking a taxi or rideshare in Bucharest is relatively easy. Most taxi companies have dedicated apps that allow you to request a ride and track the driver’s location. Rideshare services like Uber and Bolt also have user-friendly apps that make booking and payment seamless.

When it comes to payment, both taxis and rideshares accept cash, but rideshares also offer the option to pay through the app using a credit or debit card. This cashless payment method can be more convenient, especially if you don’t have local currency on hand.

Travel Tips

To make the most of your taxi or rideshare experience in Bucharest, here are some travel tips to keep in mind:

  • Use a reputable taxi company: Stick to well-known taxi companies like Speed Taxi, Cristaxi, or Taxi Total to ensure a safe and reliable ride.
  • Check the fare: Before getting into a taxi, make sure the driver has turned on the meter. For rideshares, the fare is calculated automatically through the app.
  • Be aware of scams: Avoid unmarked taxis or drivers who approach you on the street offering rides. These are often scams, and you may end up paying exorbitant fares.
  • Plan ahead: If you know you’ll need a taxi or rideshare during peak hours or for a specific event, consider booking in advance to secure your ride.


Navigating Bucharest’s transportation options can be overwhelming, but with the right knowledge, it can be a hassle-free experience. Whether you choose a traditional taxi or a modern rideshare, there are plenty of reliable options available. By using reputable companies and following some travel tips, you’ll be able to explore Bucharest with ease.


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