Navigating Brussels Belgium: Tips for Solo Travelers & Video

Navigating Brussels Belgium: Tips for Solo Travelers

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Brussels, the capital city of Belgium, is a vibrant and historic destination that offers a wealth of attractions for solo travelers. From its stunning architecture to its delicious cuisine, there is something for everyone to enjoy in this European gem. However, navigating a new city can be daunting, especially for solo travelers. To help you make the most of your trip to Brussels, here are some essential tips and recommendations.

1. Public Transportation:

  • Use the Brussels Metro: The Brussels Metro is the easiest and most efficient way to get around the city. With six lines and over 60 stations, it connects all major attractions and neighborhoods. Purchase a rechargeable MOBIB card for convenient and cost-effective travel.
  • Consider the Tram System: Brussels also has an extensive tram network that covers areas not served by the metro. Trams are a great option for exploring the city at a slower pace and offer a scenic way to reach attractions.
  • Use the STIB Mobile App: Download the STIB mobile app to plan your journeys, check schedules, and receive real-time updates about delays or disruptions. The app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

2. Accommodation:

  • Choose a Central Location: When looking for accommodation, opt for a centrally located hotel or hostel. This will allow you to easily access major attractions and have convenient access to public transportation.
  • Consider Safety: Solo travelers should prioritize safety when choosing accommodation. Look for properties with good reviews, secure entrances, and well-lit surroundings. It’s also worth considering hotels with 24-hour reception for added peace of mind.
  • Recommended Accommodation: Some popular and well-reviewed options in Brussels include Hotel Amigo, The Hotel Brussels, and Meininger Hotel Brussels City Center.

3. Exploring the City:

  • Grand Place: Start your exploration at the iconic Grand Place, a UNESCO World Heritage site. Admire the stunning architecture of the guildhalls and the City Hall, and soak in the vibrant atmosphere of this historic square.
  • Atomium: Visit the Atomium, a unique structure that symbolizes the atom. Take an elevator to the top for panoramic views of Brussels and explore the exhibitions inside.
  • Manneken Pis: Don’t miss the chance to see the famous Manneken Pis, a small bronze statue of a boy urinating. It has become one of Brussels’ most beloved symbols.

4. Belgian Cuisine:

  • Indulge in Belgian Chocolate: Brussels is renowned for its delicious chocolate. Visit boutique chocolate shops like Pierre Marcolini, Neuhaus, or Leonidas to sample a variety of exquisite Belgian chocolates.
  • Try Belgian Waffles: Treat yourself to a traditional Belgian waffle topped with powdered sugar, fresh fruit, or decadent chocolate sauce. Street vendors and cafes throughout the city offer this sweet delight.
  • Savor Moules-Frites: Enjoy a classic Belgian dish of mussels and fries, known as moules-frites. Many restaurants in Brussels serve this delicacy, often accompanied by a refreshing local beer.

5. Safety Tips:

  • Stay Vigilant: Like any major city, Brussels has its share of petty crime. Keep an eye on your belongings, especially in crowded areas, and be cautious of pickpockets.
  • Use Well-Lit Routes: When walking at night, stick to well-lit streets and avoid poorly lit areas. It’s always a good idea to familiarize yourself with your surroundings and plan your routes in advance.
  • Emergency Numbers: Save the local emergency numbers in your phone, including the police (101) and ambulance services (112), in case of any unforeseen circumstances.

6. Cultural Etiquette:

  • Respect Local Customs: Familiarize yourself with Belgian customs and etiquette. It is customary to greet people with a handshake, maintain eye contact during conversations, and use polite phrases such as “please” and “thank you.”
  • Dress Appropriately: Brussels is a cosmopolitan city, but it’s always advisable to dress modestly and respectfully when visiting religious sites or more conservative neighborhoods.
  • Language: While many locals speak English, it’s polite to learn a few basic French or Dutch phrases. Simple greetings and polite expressions can go a long way in establishing a positive connection.

7. Enjoying the Nightlife:

  • Delirium Café: Visit Delirium Café, famous for its extensive selection of over 2,000 beers. It’s a great place to socialize and experience the vibrant nightlife of Brussels.
  • Brussels Jazz Weekend: If you’re a fan of jazz music, plan your visit during the annual Brussels Jazz Weekend. The city comes alive with free concerts and performances in various venues.
  • Brussels Pub Crawl: Join a pub crawl to discover the best bars and nightlife spots in Brussels. It’s a fun way to meet fellow travelers and experience the city’s vibrant social scene.

8. Day Trips from Brussels:

  • Bruges: Take a day trip to the enchanting city of Bruges, known for its picturesque canals, medieval architecture, and charming cobblestone streets.
  • Ghent: Explore the historic city of Ghent, home to beautiful medieval buildings, a vibrant arts scene, and delicious local cuisine.
  • Antwerp: Visit Antwerp, Belgium’s second-largest city, famous for its fashion, diamond trade, and stunning architecture, including the impressive Antwerp Central Station.

9. Shopping in Brussels:

  • Rue Neuve: Shopaholics will love Rue Neuve, Brussels’ main shopping street. It is home to numerous international brands, department stores, and fashion boutiques.
  • Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert: Explore the elegant Galeries Royales Saint-Hubert, a beautiful covered shopping arcade featuring luxury brands, chocolatiers, and charming cafes.
  • Marolles Flea Market: Bargain hunters should visit the Marolles Flea Market, held daily near the Place du Jeu de Balle. Discover unique antiques, vintage clothing, and quirky collectibles.

10. Parks and Gardens:

  • Cinquantenaire Park: Relax in Cinquantenaire Park, a vast green space with beautiful gardens, fountains, and the monumental Triumphal Arch.
  • Parc du Bruxelles: Enjoy a leisurely stroll in Parc du Bruxelles, located near the Royal Palace. The park offers serene pathways, picturesque ponds, and stunning views of the palace.
  • Botanical Garden: Visit the Botanical Garden, a peaceful oasis in the heart of Brussels. Explore its diverse collection of plants, enjoy a picnic, or simply unwind amidst nature.


Brussels is a city that combines history, culture, and culinary delights, making it an ideal destination for solo travelers. With these tips and recommendations, you’ll be well-equipped to navigate the city, immerse yourself in its vibrant atmosphere, and create lasting memories. Remember to prioritize safety, respect local customs, and savor the unique experiences Brussels has to offer.



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