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Nice  France City Guide

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Nice France Attractions Map

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Nice, France is a beautiful coastal city located in the French Riviera. It is known for its stunning beaches, vibrant culture, and rich history. With its mild Mediterranean climate, Nice attracts visitors from around the world who come to enjoy its picturesque landscapes, delicious cuisine, and lively atmosphere. In this article, we will explore the various attractions, landmarks, food and drink, entertainment, tours, accommodations, transportation options, and interesting facts about Nice, France.

Nice France Attractions & Landmarks

  • Promenade des Anglais: This iconic promenade stretches along the coast and offers breathtaking views of the Mediterranean Sea. It is lined with palm trees, cafes, and luxury hotels.
  • Old Town (Vieux Nice): Explore the narrow streets of the Old Town, filled with colorful buildings, charming boutiques, and lively markets. Don’t miss the famous Cours Saleya market, known for its fresh produce and flowers.
  • Castle Hill: Climb up Castle Hill for panoramic views of Nice and its surrounding areas. The hill is also home to the ruins of an ancient castle and beautiful gardens.
  • Nice Cathedral: Visit the stunning Notre-Dame de Nice Cathedral, a masterpiece of Baroque architecture. Admire its intricate interior and impressive bell tower.
  • Musée Matisse: Art enthusiasts should not miss the Musée Matisse, dedicated to the works of French artist Henri Matisse. The museum houses a vast collection of his paintings, sculptures, and drawings.

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Interesting Facts about Nice France

  • Promenade du Paillon: The Promenade du Paillon is a beautiful park located in the heart of Nice. It features lush green spaces, water fountains, and playgrounds, making it a perfect spot for relaxation and recreation.
  • Carnaval de Nice: Nice hosts one of the largest and most famous carnivals in the world. The Carnaval de Nice attracts thousands of visitors each year with its colorful parades, vibrant costumes, and festive atmosphere.
  • Blue Chairs on the Beach: Nice is known for its iconic blue chairs placed along the beaches. These chairs provide a comfortable spot for locals and tourists to relax and enjoy the sun.
  • Promenade des Arts: The Promenade des Arts is a cultural hub in Nice, featuring the Acropolis Convention Center, the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art, and the National Theater of Nice.
  • Flower Market: The Flower Market in the Old Town is a must-visit. It offers a wide variety of colorful flowers, plants, and local products.

Nice France Food and Drink

  • Niçoise Salad: Try the famous Niçoise Salad, a traditional dish from Nice. It typically includes fresh lettuce, tomatoes, hard-boiled eggs, olives, anchovies, and tuna.
  • Socca: Socca is a popular street food in Nice. It is a thin pancake made from chickpea flour, olive oil, and salt, and is often enjoyed with a sprinkle of black pepper.
  • Ratatouille: Ratatouille is a classic Provençal dish that originated in Nice. It is a stew made with fresh vegetables such as tomatoes, zucchini, eggplant, bell peppers, and onions.
  • Pissaladière: Pissaladière is a savory tart made with a base of bread dough, topped with caramelized onions, anchovies, and olives. It is a delicious snack or appetizer.
  • Nice Rosé Wine: Nice is known for its excellent rosé wines. Take the opportunity to taste some of the local varieties and enjoy the flavors of the region.

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Nice France Entertainment and Nightlife

  • Promenade du Paillon: In the evenings, the Promenade du Paillon comes alive with street performers, live music, and entertainment for all ages. Enjoy a leisurely stroll or join in the festivities.
  • Cours Saleya: The Cours Saleya transforms into a vibrant nightlife spot, with numerous bars and restaurants offering a lively atmosphere. Experience the buzzing energy of Nice after dark.
  • Opera de Nice: For a dose of culture, catch a performance at the Opera de Nice. This prestigious venue hosts a variety of operas, ballets, and classical concerts throughout the year.
  • Le Negresco: Visit the iconic Le Negresco hotel, known for its luxurious interiors and famous guests. Enjoy a cocktail at the bar or dine at one of its renowned restaurants.
  • Casino Ruhl: Test your luck at the Casino Ruhl, which offers a wide range of gaming options, live entertainment, and a glamorous atmosphere.

Nice France Tours

  • City Sightseeing Tour: Explore Nice’s main attractions and landmarks with a guided city sightseeing tour. Learn about the city’s history and culture while enjoying panoramic views from a comfortable bus.
  • French Riviera Day Trip: Take a day trip from Nice to explore the stunning French Riviera. Visit glamorous towns like Cannes and Monaco, and soak in the beauty of the Mediterranean coastline.
  • Wine Tasting Tour: Discover the vineyards of the Provence region on a wine tasting tour. Sample a variety of wines, learn about the winemaking process, and enjoy the picturesque countryside.
  • Boat Tour: Experience the beauty of the French Riviera from the water with a boat tour. Cruise along the coast, visit hidden coves, and enjoy swimming and snorkeling in the crystal-clear waters.
  • Food Tour: Embark on a culinary journey through Nice’s gastronomic delights on a food tour. Taste local specialties, visit food markets, and learn about the city’s culinary traditions.

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Nice France Accommodations

  • Hotel Negresco: Located on the Promenade des Anglais, Hotel Negresco is a legendary 5-star hotel known for its opulent decor and luxurious amenities.
  • Le Meridien Nice: Situated near the Old Town, Le Meridien Nice offers stylish rooms, a rooftop terrace with panoramic views, and easy access to the beach.
  • Hotel Beau Rivage: This boutique hotel is located in the heart of Nice, just steps away from the Promenade des Anglais. It offers comfortable rooms and a charming Mediterranean atmosphere.
  • Hotel Aston La Scala: Enjoy modern accommodations and a rooftop pool with stunning views at Hotel Aston La Scala. It is centrally located, making it convenient for exploring the city.
  • Hotel West End: Overlooking the Promenade des Anglais, Hotel West End combines Belle Époque charm with contemporary comforts. It offers elegant rooms and a beachfront location.
  • Hyatt Regency Nice Palais de la Méditerranée: This luxurious hotel boasts a prime location on the Promenade des Anglais and offers spacious rooms, a rooftop pool, and a private beach.
  • Hotel Negresco: As mentioned earlier, Hotel Negresco is a renowned hotel that has been a symbol of luxury and elegance since 1913.
  • Radisson Blu Hotel Nice: Situated on the Promenade des Anglais, this hotel offers modern rooms, a rooftop terrace with panoramic views, and direct beach access.
  • Hotel Plaza: Located in the heart of Nice, Hotel Plaza provides comfortable and stylish accommodations, along with a rooftop pool and a fitness center.
  • Hotel Le Royal Promenade des Anglais: Enjoy stunning sea views and a convenient location at Hotel Le Royal Promenade des Anglais. The hotel features elegant rooms and a rooftop terrace.

Nice France Transportation

  • Nice Côte d’Azur Airport: The city is served by the Nice Côte d’Azur Airport, which offers domestic and international flights. It is located just a short distance from the city center.
  • Tramway: Nice has an efficient tramway system that connects various parts of the city. It is a convenient and eco-friendly way to get around.
  • Buses: The bus network in Nice is extensive and covers the entire city. It is a cost-effective option for exploring different neighborhoods and attractions.
  • Bicycles: Nice promotes cycling as a means of transportation with its Vélo Bleu bike-sharing system. Rent a bike and explore the city at your own pace.
  • Walking: Nice is a pedestrian-friendly city, and many attractions are within walking distance of each other. Take advantage of the pleasant weather and explore on foot.


Nice, France offers a perfect blend of natural beauty, cultural heritage, and culinary delights. Whether you’re strolling along the Promenade des Anglais, exploring the charming Old Town, or indulging in the local cuisine, Nice has something for everyone. With its vibrant atmosphere, stunning landmarks, and diverse entertainment options, it’s no wonder that Nice remains a top destination in the French Riviera.