Savoring Cairo Egypt: Top Local Eateries and Cafes & Video

Savoring Cairo Egypt: Top Local Eateries and Cafes

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Cairo, the bustling capital city of Egypt, is a vibrant and diverse metropolis that offers a myriad of culinary delights. From traditional Egyptian dishes to international cuisines, Cairo’s local eateries and cafes are a food lover’s paradise. In this article, we will explore the top local eateries and cafes in Cairo, highlighting their unique flavors, ambiance, and must-try dishes.

1. El Fishawy Cafe

Located in the heart of Khan El Khalili, El Fishawy Cafe is one of Cairo’s oldest and most iconic cafes. Established in 1773, this historic establishment has been frequented by renowned writers, poets, and intellectuals throughout the years. Step into this atmospheric cafe and savor a cup of traditional Egyptian tea or indulge in a flavorful shisha (hookah) while immersing yourself in the lively ambiance of Cairo’s bustling bazaar.

  • Must-try: Egyptian tea with mint
  • Emphasized keywords: historic cafe, Khan El Khalili, traditional Egyptian tea, shisha, lively ambiance

2. Abou El Sid

For a taste of authentic Egyptian cuisine, Abou El Sid is the place to be. This renowned restaurant combines traditional flavors with a modern twist, offering a wide range of Egyptian delicacies. From succulent grilled meats to flavorful stews and aromatic rice dishes, Abou El Sid showcases the rich culinary heritage of Egypt. The warm and inviting ambiance adds to the overall dining experience, making it a favorite among locals and tourists alike.

  • Must-try: Molokhia (a traditional Egyptian soup), Koshari (a popular Egyptian street food), and Umm Ali (a traditional Egyptian dessert)
  • Emphasized keywords: authentic Egyptian cuisine, grilled meats, stews, rice dishes, warm ambiance

3. Felfela

Felfela is a legendary restaurant in Cairo known for its delicious Egyptian street food. With a vibrant and colorful interior, this eatery offers a wide range of dishes that perfectly capture the flavors of Egypt. From falafel and taameya (Egyptian falafel) to kofta sandwiches and shawarma, Felfela is a haven for street food enthusiasts. Don’t forget to try their refreshing freshly squeezed juices and end your meal with a traditional Egyptian dessert.

  • Must-try: Falafel, Taameya, Kofta sandwich, Shawarma
  • Emphasized keywords: Egyptian street food, falafel, taameya, kofta sandwich, shawarma, freshly squeezed juices

Cairo Egypt Image 1: Cairo Egypt

4. Zooba

Zooba brings a modern twist to traditional Egyptian street food, offering a contemporary dining experience. This trendy eatery takes classic Egyptian dishes and presents them in a fresh and innovative way. From their signature taameya wraps to hearty koshari bowls, Zooba showcases the flavors of Egypt with a modern twist. The vibrant and hip ambiance makes it a popular spot for locals and tourists seeking a taste of Egyptian street food with a twist.

  • Must-try: Taameya wraps, Koshari bowls, Hibiscus-infused drinks
  • Emphasized keywords: modern twist, Egyptian street food, taameya wraps, koshari bowls, vibrant ambiance

5. El Dar Darak

Nestled in the historic Al-Muizz Street, El Dar Darak is a charming cafe that offers a peaceful oasis amidst the bustling city. The cafe’s cozy courtyard is adorned with lush greenery and traditional Egyptian decor, providing a serene atmosphere to enjoy a cup of coffee or indulge in a delicious meal. El Dar Darak serves a variety of Egyptian and international dishes, catering to different tastes and preferences.

  • Must-try: Egyptian coffee, Fattah (a traditional Egyptian dish), and Baklava (a sweet pastry)
  • Emphasized keywords: historic Al-Muizz Street, peaceful oasis, cozy courtyard, Egyptian coffee, Fattah, Baklava

6. Qahwa Egyptian Cafe

Qahwa Egyptian Cafe is a hidden gem located in the vibrant neighborhood of Zamalek. This cozy cafe offers a unique blend of traditional Egyptian flavors and contemporary twists. From their aromatic Egyptian coffee to their delectable Egyptian pastries, Qahwa is a delightful spot to relax and savor the flavors of Egypt. The warm and welcoming ambiance, coupled with friendly service, adds to the overall charm of this local favorite.

  • Must-try: Egyptian coffee, Basbousa (a sweet semolina cake), and Konafa (a traditional Egyptian dessert)
  • Emphasized keywords: hidden gem, Zamalek neighborhood, traditional Egyptian flavors, Egyptian coffee, Basbousa, Konafa, warm ambiance

Cairo Egypt Image 2: Cairo Egypt

7. Naguib Mahfouz Cafe

Named after the renowned Egyptian writer and Nobel laureate, Naguib Mahfouz Cafe is a literary haven in the heart of Cairo. This cozy cafe is adorned with bookshelves filled with literature from around the world, creating a unique and inviting atmosphere. Enjoy a cup of aromatic tea or coffee while immersing yourself in the literary ambiance. The cafe also serves a variety of Egyptian and international dishes, making it a perfect spot for a leisurely meal.

  • Must-try: Egyptian tea, Caramelized chicken with nuts, and Om Ali (a traditional Egyptian dessert)
  • Emphasized keywords: literary haven, Naguib Mahfouz, cozy cafe, aromatic tea, coffee, Egyptian tea, Caramelized chicken with nuts, Om Ali

8. El Khal Egyptian Restaurant

El Khal Egyptian Restaurant offers a fine dining experience with a focus on Egyptian cuisine. Located in a beautifully restored historic building, this restaurant combines traditional flavors with elegant presentations. The menu features a variety of Egyptian specialties, including grilled meats, seafood dishes, and vegetarian options. The stylish interior and attentive service add to the overall dining experience, making it a great choice for a special occasion.

  • Must-try: Grilled kebabs, Sayadeya (a traditional Egyptian fish dish), and Fattoush salad
  • Emphasized keywords: fine dining, Egyptian cuisine, historic building, grilled meats, seafood dishes, vegetarian options, stylish interior

9. Koshary Abou Tarek

Koshary Abou Tarek is a legendary establishment in Cairo, specializing in Egypt’s most famous street food dish, Koshary. This humble eatery has gained a cult following for its delicious and affordable Koshary, which is a hearty combination of rice, lentils, pasta, and crispy fried onions topped with a flavorful tomato sauce. The no-frills ambiance and quick service make it a popular spot for a quick and satisfying meal.

  • Must-try: Koshary with extra fried onions and spicy sauce
  • Emphasized keywords: legendary establishment, famous street food, Koshary, rice, lentils, pasta, crispy fried onions, tomato sauce, quick service

10. Le Pacha 1901

Le Pacha 1901 offers a unique dining experience on a floating restaurant. Located on the Nile River, this elegant establishment provides stunning views of the city skyline while enjoying a delicious meal. The menu features a variety of international cuisines, including Mediterranean, Asian, and Middle Eastern dishes. Whether you’re looking for a romantic dinner or a lively night out, Le Pacha 1901 offers a memorable dining experience in Cairo.

  • Must-try: Grilled seafood, Sushi rolls, and Oriental mezze
  • Emphasized keywords: floating restaurant, Nile River, city skyline views, international cuisines, Mediterranean, Asian, Middle Eastern dishes, romantic dinner, lively night out

Cairo Egypt Image 3: Cairo Egypt


Cairo’s local eateries and cafes offer a diverse range of flavors and experiences, showcasing the rich culinary heritage of Egypt. From historic cafes to modern twists on traditional dishes, there is something to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re craving authentic Egyptian cuisine or exploring international flavors, Cairo’s vibrant food scene has it all. So, embark on a culinary journey and savor the delights of Cairo’s top local eateries and cafes.


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