Scenic Routes: Best Views and Photo Spots in Auckland New Zealand & Video

Scenic Routes: Best Views and Photo Spots in Auckland New Zealand

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Scenic Routes: Best Views and Photo Spots in Auckland New Zealand

Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand, is known for its stunning natural beauty and diverse landscapes. From breathtaking coastlines to lush green parks, there are plenty of scenic routes in Auckland that offer the best views and photo spots. Whether you’re a nature lover or a photography enthusiast, exploring these picturesque locations will leave you in awe. Here are some of the top scenic routes in Auckland that you shouldn’t miss:

Mount Eden

  • Keywords: volcanic crater, panoramic view, city skyline
  • Mount Eden Summit: Experience the beauty of a volcanic crater at Mount Eden Summit. This dormant volcano offers a panoramic view of Auckland’s city skyline and surrounding suburbs. The lush green slopes and the deep crater create a mesmerizing backdrop for your photographs.
  • Crater Rim Walk: Take a leisurely stroll along the Crater Rim Walk and enjoy the breathtaking views of the city. The walk takes you around the edge of the volcanic crater, providing different angles to capture the beauty of Auckland.
  • Maungawhau Reserve: Explore the Maungawhau Reserve, which surrounds Mount Eden. This reserve is home to native flora and fauna, making it a perfect spot for nature photography. Keep an eye out for the iconic Pohutukawa trees in bloom during summer.

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Auckland New Zealand

West Coast Beaches

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  • Piha Beach: Head west to Piha Beach, one of Auckland’s most famous black sand beaches. The rugged coastline, massive waves, and iconic Lion Rock create a picturesque setting for photography. Capture the stunning sunsets or try your hand at surf photography.
  • Muriwai Beach: Another must-visit beach on the west coast is Muriwai Beach. Known for its gannet colony, this beach offers a unique opportunity to capture these beautiful seabirds in their natural habitat. Don’t forget to explore the nearby cliff-top trails for breathtaking views.
  • Bethells Beach: Escape the crowds and visit Bethells Beach, also known as Te Henga. This secluded beach features impressive sand dunes, rugged cliffs, and rolling surf. It’s a great spot for capturing the raw beauty of Auckland’s west coast.

Auckland Domain

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  • Auckland War Memorial Museum: Located within the Auckland Domain, the Auckland War Memorial Museum is not only a historical gem but also offers stunning views of the city skyline. Capture the grandeur of the museum’s architecture and the lush greenery surrounding it.
  • Parnell Rose Gardens: Take a stroll through the Parnell Rose Gardens, located within the Auckland Domain. With over 5,000 roses in bloom during the summer months, this garden is a paradise for flower photography. Don’t miss the opportunity to capture the vibrant colors and delicate petals.
  • Duck Ponds: Visit the duck ponds in the Auckland Domain and capture the serene beauty of these tranquil water bodies. The ducks, swans, and other bird species add a touch of wildlife to your photographs.

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Auckland New Zealand

Takapuna Beach

  • Keywords: beach, skyline, Rangitoto Island
  • Takapuna Beach: Located on Auckland’s North Shore, Takapuna Beach offers a stunning view of the city skyline and the iconic Rangitoto Island. Capture the contrast between the golden sand, azure waters, and the urban landscape in the background.
  • Takapuna Beach Reserve: Explore the Takapuna Beach Reserve, a large park adjacent to the beach. The reserve provides ample space for picnics and outdoor activities, and the lush green surroundings make for beautiful nature photography.
  • Takapuna Beach Walk: Take a leisurely walk along the beach and capture the changing colors of the sky during sunrise or sunset. The reflections of the city lights on the water create a magical atmosphere for photography.


  • Keywords: harbor, historic village, naval base
  • Mount Victoria: Head to Mount Victoria, a volcanic cone in Devonport, for panoramic views of Auckland Harbor. Capture the stunning vistas of the city, harbor, and the Hauraki Gulf from the summit. Don’t forget to explore the historic military tunnels for unique photography opportunities.
  • Devonport Village: Take a walk through the charming Devonport Village, known for its Victorian-style buildings and boutique shops. The streets lined with heritage houses create a picturesque setting for street photography.
  • North Head Historic Reserve: Visit the North Head Historic Reserve, a former naval base, and capture the remnants of the military structures. The tunnels, gun emplacements, and panoramic views of the harbor make for fascinating photography subjects.

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Auckland New Zealand


Auckland, New Zealand, is a paradise for nature lovers and photography enthusiasts. The city offers a wide range of scenic routes and photo spots that showcase its natural beauty and diverse landscapes. From volcanic craters to stunning beaches, lush parks to historic villages, there’s something for everyone. Explore these picturesque locations, capture breathtaking views, and create lasting memories of your visit to Auckland.


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