Scenic Routes: Best Views and Photo Spots in Copenhagen Denmark & Video

Scenic Routes: Best Views and Photo Spots in Copenhagen Denmark

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Scenic Routes: Best Views and Photo Spots in Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, the capital city of Denmark, offers a plethora of stunning scenic routes with breathtaking views and photo spots. Whether you are a photography enthusiast or simply seeking beautiful landscapes, Copenhagen has something to offer. This article will guide you through the top 10 scenic routes in Copenhagen, providing detailed information about each location and highlighting the best photo spots along the way.


Nyhavn, a picturesque waterfront district, is a must-visit for any traveler in Copenhagen. The colorful buildings, historic ships, and charming atmosphere make it an ideal spot for photography. Here are some of the best photo spots in Nyhavn:

  • Nyhavn Canal: Capture the iconic view of the colorful buildings reflected in the calm waters of the canal.
  • Nyhavn Bridge: Stand on the bridge and capture the panoramic view of Nyhavn with its vibrant buildings and boats.
  • Nyhavn Street: Stroll down the charming street lined with colorful houses and capture the lively atmosphere.

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Rosenborg Castle Gardens

The Rosenborg Castle Gardens offer a tranquil escape in the heart of Copenhagen. This beautifully maintained park is not only perfect for a leisurely stroll but also provides stunning views and photo opportunities. Here are some of the highlights:

  • Rosenborg Castle: Capture the impressive Renaissance architecture of the castle surrounded by lush greenery.
  • King’s Garden: Explore the well-manicured gardens and photograph the vibrant flowers in bloom.
  • Statues and Fountains: Discover the various statues and fountains scattered throughout the park, providing unique photo opportunities.

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Copenhagen Denmark Image 1: Copenhagen Denmark

Amalienborg Palace

Amalienborg Palace, the official residence of the Danish royal family, offers a regal backdrop for photography. Here are some of the best photo spots around Amalienborg Palace:

  • Amalienborg Square: Capture the symmetrical facades of the palace buildings from the square.
  • Changing of the Guard: Witness the ceremonial changing of the guard and capture this iconic event.
  • Waterfront View: Head to the waterfront and photograph the palace from a different perspective.

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Christianshavn, a charming neighborhood in Copenhagen, is known for its picturesque canals and colorful houses. Here are some of the top photo spots in Christianshavn:

  • Christianshavn Canal: Capture the idyllic scenes of the canals lined with colorful houses and boats.
  • Vor Frelsers Kirke: Climb the spiral staircase of this historic church for a panoramic view of Copenhagen.
  • Christianshavn Street: Stroll along the charming streets and photograph the quaint houses and cafes.

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Copenhagen Denmark Image 2: Copenhagen Denmark

The Little Mermaid

The Little Mermaid statue is an iconic symbol of Copenhagen and a popular photo spot for tourists. Here are some tips for capturing the best shot:

  • Early Morning: Visit the statue early in the morning to avoid crowds and capture the serene atmosphere.
  • From the Shore: Take photos of the statue from the shore, capturing the contrast between the sculpture and the sea.
  • With the City Skyline: Position the statue in the frame with Copenhagen’s skyline as the backdrop.

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Frederiksberg Gardens

Frederiksberg Gardens is a vast green oasis in Copenhagen, offering beautiful landscapes and photo opportunities. Here are some highlights:

  • Frederiksberg Palace: Capture the baroque-style palace surrounded by lush gardens and water features.
  • Chinese Pavilion: Photograph the stunning Chinese-inspired pavilion located within the gardens.
  • Lakes and Bridges: Explore the various lakes and bridges in the park, providing scenic backdrops for photography.

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Copenhagen Denmark Image 3: Copenhagen Denmark


Strøget, one of Europe’s longest pedestrian streets, is not only a shopper’s paradise but also offers photo opportunities. Here are some photo spots along Strøget:

  • City Hall Square: Capture the grandeur of Copenhagen’s City Hall located at the end of Strøget.
  • Street Performers: Photograph the street performers entertaining passersby along Strøget.
  • Architectural Details: Pay attention to the intricate architectural details of the buildings lining the street.

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The Round Tower

The Round Tower, a historic tower in Copenhagen, offers panoramic views of the city. Here are some photo spots within and around the tower:

  • Observatory Deck: Capture the stunning views of Copenhagen from the tower’s observatory deck.
  • Spiral Ramp: Photograph the unique spiral ramp leading up to the observatory deck.
  • Surrounding Streets: Explore the streets surrounding the tower and capture the tower from different angles.

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Church of Our Saviour

The Church of Our Saviour is known for its impressive spire and panoramic views of Copenhagen. Here are some photo spots in and around the church:

  • Spire Climb: Ascend the church’s spire for a thrilling experience and capture the views from the top.
  • Church Interior: Photograph the beautiful interior of the church, showcasing its intricate details.
  • Churchyard: Explore the churchyard and capture the church from different angles.

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Kastellet, a well-preserved fortress in Copenhagen, offers a unique blend of history and scenic beauty. Here are some photo spots within Kastellet:

  • Kastellet Ramparts: Capture the views of Copenhagen’s skyline from the fortress’s ramparts.
  • Windmill: Photograph the iconic windmill located within Kastellet.
  • Historic Buildings: Explore the various historic buildings within Kastellet and capture their architectural charm.

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Copenhagen, Denmark, offers a wide array of scenic routes and photo spots for both locals and visitors to enjoy. From the colorful buildings of Nyhavn to the panoramic views from the Church of Our Saviour, each location provides a unique experience and stunning photography opportunities. Explore these picturesque routes and capture the beauty of Copenhagen through your lens.


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