The Ultimate Antalya Turkey Walking Tour: See the City on Foot & Video

The Ultimate Antalya Turkey Walking Tour: See the City on Foot

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The Old Town (Kaleiçi)

Antalya’s Old Town, also known as Kaleiçi, is a charming historic district that should be at the top of your list when exploring the city on foot. This well-preserved area is filled with narrow cobblestone streets, Ottoman-era houses, and ancient Roman ruins. It offers a unique blend of history, culture, and vibrant atmosphere.

  • Hadrian’s Gate: Start your walking tour at Hadrian’s Gate, a monumental arch built in honor of the Roman Emperor Hadrian. This impressive structure marks the entrance to the Old Town and is a popular spot for taking photos.
  • Kaleiçi Streets: Wander through the labyrinthine streets of Kaleiçi, lined with charming shops, boutique hotels, and traditional Turkish houses. Take in the beautiful architecture and soak up the lively atmosphere.
  • Kesik Minaret: Visit the Kesik Minaret, also known as the Broken Minaret, which was once a Roman temple and later converted into a Byzantine church. Today, it serves as a unique landmark in the Old Town.
  • Yivli Minaret: Marvel at the Yivli Minaret, a distinctive fluted minaret dating back to the 13th century. It is part of the Alaaddin Mosque complex and is one of Antalya’s most iconic symbols.
  • Karaalioglu Park: Take a break from exploring the Old Town and relax in Karaalioglu Park. This peaceful green space offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and the cliffs of Antalya.

Antalya Turkey

Antalya Marina

The Antalya Marina is a picturesque waterfront area that serves as a hub for leisure activities, dining, and shopping. It offers a stunning backdrop of the Taurus Mountains and the azure Mediterranean Sea.

  • Yacht Watching: Take a leisurely stroll along the marina promenade and admire the luxurious yachts moored in the harbor. Enjoy the vibrant atmosphere and watch the boats come and go.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Indulge in delicious Turkish cuisine or international dishes at one of the many restaurants and cafes lining the marina. From fresh seafood to traditional kebabs, there’s something to satisfy every palate.
  • Shopping: Explore the various boutiques and shops in the marina area, offering a wide range of products from clothing and accessories to local handicrafts and souvenirs.
  • Boat Tours: Embark on a boat tour from the marina and explore the stunning coastline of Antalya. Discover hidden coves, swim in crystal-clear waters, and enjoy breathtaking views of the cliffs and mountains.
  • Antalya Aquarium: Visit the Antalya Aquarium, located near the marina, to explore the fascinating underwater world. It is one of the largest aquarium complexes in the world and features a wide variety of marine species.

Hadrian’s Gate and Atatürk Boulevard

Hadrian’s Gate is not only a gateway to the Old Town but also the starting point of Atatürk Boulevard, the main street of Antalya. This boulevard stretches for several kilometers and offers a mix of historical landmarks, modern shops, and lively cafes.

  • Fluted Minaret Mosque: Admire the Fluted Minaret Mosque, located near Hadrian’s Gate. This beautiful mosque dates back to the 13th century and features intricate Seljuk architecture.
  • Atatürk Monument: Pay your respects to the founder of modern Turkey at the Atatürk Monument, situated along Atatürk Boulevard. This towering statue commemorates Mustafa Kemal Atatürk, the first President of Turkey.
  • Shopping on Atatürk Boulevard: Explore the numerous shops and boutiques along Atatürk Boulevard. From international brands to local artisans, you’ll find a wide range of products to suit your taste.
  • Restaurants and Cafes: Take a break from shopping and indulge in delicious Turkish cuisine or international dishes at the restaurants and cafes along Atatürk Boulevard.
  • MarkAntalya Shopping Mall: Visit MarkAntalya, a modern shopping mall located near the end of Atatürk Boulevard. It offers a wide range of shops, entertainment options, and dining establishments.

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Antalya Archaeological Museum

The Antalya Archaeological Museum is a must-visit for history enthusiasts. It houses an extensive collection of artifacts from the ancient civilizations that once thrived in the region.

  • Hall of Gods: Explore the Hall of Gods, which displays statues and reliefs depicting various deities from Greek and Roman mythology. Admire the intricate details and learn about the religious beliefs of the ancient civilizations.
  • Treasures of Karain Cave: Discover the Treasures of Karain Cave, a section dedicated to the artifacts found in the nearby Karain Cave, one of the oldest human settlements in Anatolia.
  • Statue of Apollo: Marvel at the Statue of Apollo, a magnificent Roman sculpture that was discovered in Side, a nearby ancient city. It is one of the highlights of the museum’s collection.
  • Antalya Through the Ages: Learn about the history of Antalya and its surrounding region through the museum’s comprehensive displays, which cover various periods, including the Hellenistic, Roman, Byzantine, and Ottoman eras.
  • Gift Shop: Don’t forget to visit the museum’s gift shop, where you can purchase replicas of ancient artifacts, books, and other souvenirs related to the museum’s collection.

Perge Ancient City

Located just a short drive from Antalya, the ancient city of Perge offers a fascinating glimpse into the past. This well-preserved archaeological site is renowned for its impressive Roman ruins.

  • Theater: Begin your exploration of Perge at the ancient theater, which once hosted performances and gatherings. Admire the grandeur of the theater and imagine the events that took place here centuries ago.
  • Stadium: Visit the well-preserved stadium, where athletic competitions and games were held. Walk along the tracks and imagine the cheers of the crowd during ancient sporting events.
  • City Gate: Enter the city through the monumental city gate, adorned with impressive reliefs and columns. This gate served as the main entrance to Perge and is a testament to the city’s grandeur.
  • Agora: Explore the ancient agora, a central marketplace and meeting place in Perge. Marvel at the well-preserved columns and ruins of shops and public buildings.
  • Bath Complex: Discover the remains of the ancient bath complex, which once offered communal bathing and relaxation facilities. Admire the intricate mosaics and architectural details.

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Düden Waterfalls

The Düden Waterfalls are a natural wonder located just outside the city center of Antalya. These cascading falls offer a refreshing escape from the bustling city and provide breathtaking views.

  • Upper Düden Waterfall: Start your visit at the Upper Düden Waterfall, located about 15 kilometers northeast of Antalya. Marvel at the powerful cascade as the water plunges into a natural pool below.
  • Walk Along the Cliff: Take a leisurely walk along the cliff overlooking the waterfall. Enjoy the stunning views of the surrounding nature and the turquoise waters of the Mediterranean Sea.
  • Lower Düden Waterfall: Continue your journey to the Lower Düden Waterfall, which is located closer to the city center. This waterfall flows directly into the Mediterranean Sea, creating a spectacular sight.
  • Boat Tours: Experience the waterfalls from a different perspective by taking a boat tour. Cruise along the coast and witness the beauty of the Düden Waterfalls from the sea.
  • Picnic Areas: Enjoy a picnic in one of the designated areas near the waterfalls. Relax, soak up the natural beauty, and listen to the soothing sounds of the rushing water.

Antalya Beaches

Antalya is renowned for its stunning beaches, offering crystal-clear waters and beautiful stretches of sand. Spending a day at one of these beaches is a must when visiting the city.

  • Konyaaltı Beach: Relax on Konyaaltı Beach, a popular pebble beach located west of the city center. Enjoy the picturesque views of the Taurus Mountains while soaking up the sun.
  • Lara Beach: Visit Lara Beach, a long sandy beach located to the east of the city. This beach is known for its golden sand and clear turquoise waters.
  • Cleopatra Beach: Explore Cleopatra Beach, located in Alanya, a town east of Antalya. This beach is famous for its fine sand and stunning views of the Alanya Castle.
  • Phaselis Beach: Discover Phaselis Beach, located within the ancient city of Phaselis. This scenic beach offers a unique blend of history and natural beauty.
  • Beach Activities: Engage in various beach activities, such as swimming, sunbathing, beach volleyball, or simply strolling along the shoreline. Many beaches also offer water sports and equipment rentals.

Antalya Bazaars

Immerse yourself in the vibrant local culture by exploring the bustling bazaars of Antalya. These lively markets offer a wide range of goods, from spices and textiles to traditional handicrafts.

  • Old Bazaar (Kaleiçi Bazaar): Visit the Old Bazaar, located in the heart of the Old Town. This atmospheric market is filled with shops selling carpets, ceramics, jewelry, and other traditional Turkish products.
  • Yivli Bazaar: Explore the Yivli Bazaar, situated near the Yivli Minaret. This market specializes in spices, dried fruits, and nuts. Take in the fragrant aromas and sample the local delicacies.
  • Antalya Bazaar: Experience the vibrant Antalya Bazaar, a large market located near Atatürk Boulevard. Here, you’ll find a wide variety of products, including clothing, accessories, and souvenirs.
  • MarkAntalya Shopping Mall: If you prefer a more modern shopping experience, visit MarkAntalya Shopping Mall. It houses both international brands and local shops, offering a diverse range of products.
  • Negotiating Prices: Don’t forget to bargain when shopping at the bazaars. Negotiating prices is a common practice, and you may be able to score some great deals.

Antalya Parks and Green Spaces

Escape the urban hustle and bustle by spending time in Antalya’s parks and green spaces. These tranquil oases offer a refreshing retreat and a chance to connect with nature.

  • Karaalioglu Park: Relax in Karaalioglu Park, located near the Old Town. This park offers stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea and features beautiful gardens, walking paths, and picnic areas.
  • Düden Park: Explore Düden Park, situated near the Düden Waterfalls. This park is known for its lush greenery, shady trees, and cascading streams. Enjoy a peaceful walk or a picnic surrounded by nature.
  • Atatürk Park: Visit Atatürk Park, located along Atatürk Boulevard. This park is a popular spot for locals and tourists alike, offering a serene atmosphere and well-maintained gardens.
  • Beach Park