Traditional Festivals and Celebrations of Da Nang Vietnam & Video

Traditional Festivals and Celebrations of Da Nang Vietnam

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Traditional Festivals and Celebrations of Da Nang Vietnam

Da Nang, located in central Vietnam, is a vibrant city known for its rich cultural heritage and traditional festivals. These festivals provide a glimpse into the local customs, beliefs, and history of the region. From colorful parades to spiritual ceremonies, Da Nang’s traditional festivals offer a unique and immersive experience for both locals and visitors. Let’s explore some of the most significant festivals and celebrations in Da Nang.

Tet Festival

  • Tet Nguyen Dan: The Tet Nguyen Dan, also known as the Lunar New Year, is the most important festival in Vietnam. It marks the beginning of the lunar calendar and is celebrated with great enthusiasm and joy. During Tet, families gather to pay respects to ancestors, exchange gifts, and enjoy traditional dishes. The streets are adorned with vibrant decorations, and lion dances and firework displays are common sights.
  • Ong Tao Festival: Ong Tao Festival is a unique part of Tet celebrations in Da Nang. It honors the Kitchen God, who is believed to return to heaven on this day to report on the household’s activities. Families offer prayers and burn paper replicas of houses, cars, and other possessions to send them to the Kitchen God, ensuring a prosperous year ahead.
  • Banh Tet Festival: Banh Tet is a traditional sticky rice cake made during Tet. The Banh Tet Festival in Da Nang showcases the art of making this delicious treat. Visitors can witness the intricate process of wrapping the sticky rice and fillings in banana leaves and taste different varieties of Banh Tet.

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Mid-Autumn Festival

  • Lantern Parade: The Mid-Autumn Festival, also known as the Children’s Festival, is celebrated with lantern processions throughout Da Nang. Children carry colorful lanterns and walk along the streets, creating a mesmerizing sight. Lion dances, drum performances, and traditional games are also part of the festivities.
  • Mooncake Making: Mooncakes are a traditional delicacy during the Mid-Autumn Festival. The festival provides an opportunity to learn about the art of making mooncakes. Visitors can participate in workshops where they can make and taste different flavors of mooncakes.
  • Lion Dance Competition: Da Nang hosts a lively lion dance competition during the Mid-Autumn Festival. Lion dance troupes from different regions showcase their skills and compete for the title. The performances are accompanied by traditional music, adding to the festive atmosphere.

Da Nang International Fireworks Festival

  • Fireworks Displays: The Da Nang International Fireworks Festival is an annual event that attracts visitors from around the world. Teams from different countries compete in creating mesmerizing fireworks displays synchronized to music. The festival takes place over several days, with each team showcasing their unique pyrotechnic artistry.
  • Street Parades: Alongside the fireworks displays, Da Nang hosts vibrant street parades during the festival. Colorfully dressed performers, traditional music, and elaborate floats parade through the city, creating a carnival-like atmosphere.
  • Cultural Exchanges: The festival also includes cultural exchanges where visitors can learn about different countries’ traditions and customs. Food stalls offering international cuisines, art exhibitions, and live performances further enhance the festival experience.

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Da Nang International Paramotor Race

  • Paramotor Race: The Da Nang International Paramotor Race is a thrilling event that showcases the skills of paramotor pilots from around the world. Participants compete in various categories, including speed and precision flying. The race takes place against the backdrop of Da Nang’s stunning coastline, providing a breathtaking spectacle for spectators.
  • Aerial Displays: Apart from the race, the event features spectacular aerial displays by professional paramotor pilots. Acrobatic maneuvers, formations, and precision flying demonstrate the capabilities of these lightweight aircraft.
  • Family Activities: The paramotor race also offers activities for the whole family. Visitors can enjoy kite flying, parachute demonstrations, and interactive workshops to learn about paramotors and aviation.

Da Nang International Lion Dance Festival

  • Lion Dance Performances: The Da Nang International Lion Dance Festival celebrates the art of lion dancing. Lion dance troupes from Vietnam and various other countries showcase their skills and creativity in vibrant performances. The festival aims to promote cultural exchange and preserve the traditional art form.
  • Competitions and Workshops: The festival includes competitions where lion dance troupes compete for titles in different categories. Workshops are also organized for participants and visitors to learn about the history, techniques, and symbolism behind lion dancing.
  • Parades and Street Performances: Colorful parades and street performances are an integral part of the festival. Lion dance troupes parade through the city, captivating audiences with their energetic performances. Street shows featuring traditional music and martial arts add to the festive atmosphere.

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Da Nang International Marathon

  • Marathon Races: The Da Nang International Marathon is a prestigious sporting event that attracts runners from around the globe. Participants can choose from various race categories, including a full marathon, half marathon, and shorter distances. The marathon route showcases Da Nang’s scenic beauty, with runners passing through iconic landmarks.
  • Community Engagement: The marathon promotes community engagement and a healthy lifestyle. Local residents come out to support the participants, cheering them along the route. The event also raises funds for charitable causes, making a positive impact on the community.
  • Post-Race Celebrations: After the marathon, participants and spectators can enjoy post-race celebrations. Live music, cultural performances, and local cuisine create a festive atmosphere, providing a memorable experience for everyone involved.


Da Nang’s traditional festivals and celebrations offer a unique opportunity to immerse oneself in the rich cultural heritage of the region. From the vibrant Tet Festival to the thrilling paramotor race, each event showcases different aspects of Da Nang’s traditions and customs. These festivals not only entertain but also educate visitors about the local culture and foster a sense of community. Attending these traditional festivals is a must for anyone seeking an authentic experience in Da Nang, Vietnam.