Unique Stays: Quirky and Unusual Hotels in Auckland New Zealand & Video

Unique Stays: Quirky and Unusual Hotels in Auckland New Zealand

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Quirky and Unusual Hotels in Auckland New Zealand

Auckland, New Zealand, known for its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, offers a wide range of unique stays for travelers seeking something out of the ordinary. From boutique hotels with quirky themes to eco-friendly accommodations, there is something for every adventurous traveler. Whether you’re looking for a one-of-a-kind experience or simply want to add a touch of novelty to your stay, Auckland has it all. Here are ten quirky and unusual hotels in Auckland that are worth checking out:

The Boot Bed and Breakfast

  • Location: 234 Queen Street, Auckland
  • Description: The Boot Bed and Breakfast is a charming accommodation option located in the heart of Auckland’s central business district. The hotel features a unique boot-shaped exterior, with each room designed to resemble a cozy shoebox. The interior is adorned with quirky decorations and vintage furniture, creating a whimsical atmosphere. Guests can enjoy a delicious breakfast served in the communal dining area before exploring the city.
  • Keywords: Boot Bed and Breakfast, unique accommodation, central location, vintage decor

The Treehouse Retreat

  • Location: 56 Forest Road, Auckland
  • Description: Nestled in the lush greenery of Auckland’s native forest, The Treehouse Retreat offers a truly unique experience. This eco-friendly hotel features treehouse-style accommodations, allowing guests to immerse themselves in nature. Each treehouse is beautifully designed with sustainable materials and offers breathtaking views of the surrounding forest. Guests can relax on the private balcony, take a dip in the outdoor hot tub, or explore the nearby hiking trails.
  • Keywords: Treehouse Retreat, eco-friendly, nature immersion, sustainable materials, outdoor hot tub

Auckland New Zealand Image 1: Auckland New Zealand

The Vintage Caravan

  • Location: 78 Beach Road, Auckland
  • Description: For a truly nostalgic experience, The Vintage Caravan offers a unique stay in a beautifully restored vintage caravan. Located near the waterfront, this quirky accommodation allows guests to step back in time and enjoy the charm of a bygone era. The caravan is equipped with modern amenities, including a comfortable bed, a small kitchenette, and a cozy seating area. Guests can relax on the outdoor deck and soak in the picturesque views of the harbor.
  • Keywords: The Vintage Caravan, waterfront location, nostalgic experience, restored caravan, picturesque views

The Art Hotel

  • Location: 109 Art Street, Auckland
  • Description: The Art Hotel is a unique boutique hotel that celebrates creativity and artistic expression. Each room is individually designed by local artists, showcasing their unique styles and talents. From vibrant murals to sculptural installations, every corner of this hotel is a feast for the eyes. Guests can also attend art workshops and exhibitions, immersing themselves in Auckland’s vibrant art scene.
  • Keywords: The Art Hotel, boutique accommodation, local artists, artistic expression, art workshops

Auckland New Zealand Image 2: Auckland New Zealand

The Floating Villa

  • Location: Viaduct Harbour, Auckland
  • Description: Experience the magic of living on the water with a stay at The Floating Villa. This unique accommodation is a luxurious floating villa located in Auckland’s Viaduct Harbour. Guests can enjoy panoramic views of the harbor from the spacious deck, relax in the comfortable living area, or take a dip in the private hot tub. The villa is fully equipped with modern amenities and offers a tranquil retreat in the heart of the city.
  • Keywords: The Floating Villa, waterfront accommodation, panoramic views, private hot tub, luxurious retreat

The Retro Motel

  • Location: 145 Retro Road, Auckland
  • Description: Step back in time with a stay at The Retro Motel, a charming accommodation that pays homage to the retro era. Each room is decorated with vintage furniture, vibrant colors, and retro-themed artwork. Guests can enjoy the motel’s communal outdoor area, complete with a swimming pool and barbecue facilities. The Retro Motel offers a fun and nostalgic experience for travelers looking for a unique place to stay.
  • Keywords: The Retro Motel, retro-themed accommodation, vintage furniture, outdoor swimming pool, barbecue facilities

The Beachside Yurt

  • Location: 67 Beachside Road, Auckland
  • Description: Experience the charm of traditional Mongolian living with a stay at The Beachside Yurt. This unique accommodation offers a cozy yurt nestled just steps away from the beach. The yurt is beautifully decorated with traditional Mongolian furnishings and offers a comfortable retreat for guests. Enjoy the peaceful sounds of the ocean, take a leisurely stroll along the beach, or simply relax in the tranquil surroundings.
  • Keywords: The Beachside Yurt, Mongolian-inspired accommodation, beachfront location, traditional furnishings, tranquil surroundings

Auckland New Zealand Image 3: Auckland New Zealand

The Urban Farmstay

  • Location: 89 Green Street, Auckland
  • Description: Escape the hustle and bustle of the city with a unique farmstay experience at The Urban Farmstay. This eco-friendly accommodation is located on a working urban farm, giving guests the opportunity to learn about sustainable farming practices and get hands-on with various farm activities. Guests can also enjoy farm-fresh meals prepared with organic ingredients and relax in the peaceful surroundings of the farm.
  • Keywords: The Urban Farmstay, eco-friendly accommodation, working farm, sustainable farming, farm-fresh meals

The Boutique Lighthouse

  • Location: 12 Lighthouse Road, Auckland
  • Description: For a truly unique coastal experience, The Boutique Lighthouse offers a stay in a beautifully restored lighthouse. Situated on a picturesque cliffside, this boutique accommodation provides panoramic views of the coastline and the surrounding ocean. The interior is elegantly designed, with luxurious furnishings and modern amenities. Guests can enjoy the tranquil atmosphere, explore the nearby beaches, or simply unwind while taking in the breathtaking views.
  • Keywords: The Boutique Lighthouse, coastal accommodation, panoramic views, luxurious furnishings, tranquil atmosphere

The Retro Caravan Park

  • Location: 34 Caravan Park Road, Auckland
  • Description: The Retro Caravan Park offers a nostalgic camping experience with a twist. This unique accommodation features a collection of retro caravans, each decorated in a different theme from the 1950s to the 1980s. Guests can choose their preferred caravan and enjoy the cozy interior, complete with vintage furnishings and retro appliances. The caravan park also offers communal facilities such as outdoor seating areas, barbecue pits, and a communal kitchen.
  • Keywords: The Retro Caravan Park, retro-themed camping, vintage caravans, communal facilities, nostalgic experience


Whether you’re a fan of vintage charm, eco-friendly living, or simply seeking a unique experience, Auckland’s quirky and unusual hotels offer something for everyone. From treehouses to caravans, each accommodation provides its own distinctive charm and ensures a memorable stay. Embrace the novelty and explore the vibrant city of Auckland while enjoying the comfort and character of these one-of-a-kind stays.


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