Public Transportation in Antalya Turkey: A Complete Guide & Video

Public Transportation in Antalya Turkey: A Complete Guide

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Antalya, located on the southwestern coast of Turkey, is a popular tourist destination known for its stunning beaches, ancient ruins, and vibrant culture. Exploring this beautiful city is made easy with its efficient and extensive public transportation system. From buses to trams, Antalya offers various modes of transportation to help you navigate the city and reach your desired destinations. In this complete guide, we will delve into the details of public transportation in Antalya, providing you with all the necessary information to make your travels hassle-free.

Antalya Airport

  • Antalya International Airport: The main gateway to the city is Antalya International Airport, located approximately 13 kilometers east of the city center. It serves both domestic and international flights, connecting Antalya to major cities around the world.
  • Transportation from the Airport: Upon arrival at the airport, you have several transportation options to reach the city center or your accommodation. These include taxis, private shuttles, public buses, and car rentals.
  • Taxis: Taxis are easily accessible outside the airport terminals. Ensure that the taxi has a working meter or negotiate the fare before starting your journey.
  • Shuttles: Many hotels and resorts offer shuttle services to and from the airport. Check with your accommodation provider if they provide this service and book in advance.
  • Public Buses: The Antalya Airport Public Bus (Line 600) operates between the airport and several locations in the city center. The buses are comfortable and affordable.
  • Car Rentals: If you prefer the flexibility of having your own vehicle, car rental services are available at the airport. Make sure to have an international driving license if required.

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Bus System

  • Antalya Metropolitan Municipality Buses: The bus system in Antalya is reliable and covers a wide network of routes throughout the city. The buses are operated by the Antalya Metropolitan Municipality and offer an affordable mode of transportation.
  • Ticketing: Tickets can be purchased directly from the bus driver upon boarding. Make sure to have small change as the drivers might not accept large bills.
  • Bus Stops: Bus stops are clearly marked with signs displaying the route numbers and destinations. Look for the green and white bus stop signs.
  • Bus Routes: The bus routes cover major tourist areas, residential neighborhoods, and important landmarks. It is advisable to check the bus routes and schedules in advance to plan your journey.
  • Timings: Buses generally operate from early morning until midnight. However, some routes may have limited service during late evenings or early mornings.
  • Frequency: The frequency of buses varies depending on the route and time of day. Popular routes tend to have more frequent services.
  • Accessibility: Most buses in Antalya are equipped with ramps, making them accessible for individuals with mobility challenges.

Tram System

  • AntRay Tram: The Antalya Tram, also known as AntRay, is a modern light rail system that connects various parts of the city. It is a convenient and efficient mode of transportation for both locals and tourists.
  • Lines: Currently, there are two tram lines in operation – Line 1 and Line 2. Line 1 runs from Fatih to Meydan, while Line 2 connects the city center to the Antalya Bus Terminal.
  • Ticketing: Tram tickets can be purchased from vending machines located at the tram stations. Make sure to validate your ticket upon boarding.
  • Timings: The trams operate from early morning until midnight, with frequent services throughout the day.
  • Accessibility: The trams are wheelchair accessible and equipped with designated spaces for individuals with disabilities.

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Taxi Services

  • Yellow Taxis: Taxis are a convenient mode of transportation in Antalya, especially for shorter distances or when traveling with heavy luggage.
  • Hailing a Taxi: Taxis can be hailed on the street or found at designated taxi stands throughout the city. Look for taxis with a yellow color and a “Taksi” sign on the roof.
  • Taxi Apps: Several taxi-hailing apps, such as BiTaksi and iTaksi, are available in Antalya. These apps allow you to book a taxi and track its arrival.
  • Fares: Taxis in Antalya operate on a metered system. Make sure the meter is running and ask for a receipt at the end of your journey.
  • Shared Taxis: Shared taxis, known as “dolmuş,” are a cost-effective option for traveling shorter distances along specific routes. These taxis operate on fixed fares and pick up multiple passengers along the way.

Rideshare Services

  • Uber and similar services: Rideshare services like Uber are not widely available in Antalya. However, there are local alternatives such as BiTaksi and iTaksi that provide similar services.
  • Booking: You can book a ride through the respective app and track the arrival of your driver.
  • Payment: Payment for rideshare services can be made through the app using a credit card or cash, depending on the service provider.
  • Availability: Rideshare services may have limited availability in certain areas of Antalya, especially during peak hours or in remote locations.

Antalya Museum Card

  • Antalya Museum: The Antalya Museum is a must-visit attraction for history and art enthusiasts. It houses a vast collection of artifacts from ancient civilizations.
  • Museum Card: To make the most of your visit, consider purchasing the Antalya Museum Card. This card grants you access to multiple museums and archaeological sites in the region.
  • Benefits: With the Antalya Museum Card, you can skip the ticket lines and enjoy unlimited entry to the participating museums and sites.
  • Validity and Cost: The card is available for various durations, such as 3 days or 7 days, and the cost varies accordingly. It offers excellent value for those planning to explore multiple attractions.
  • Where to Buy: The Antalya Museum Card can be purchased at the Antalya Museum entrance or online through the official website.

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Beaches in Antalya

  • Konyaaltı Beach: Located west of the city center, Konyaaltı Beach is one of the most popular beaches in Antalya. It offers a long stretch of pebbled shoreline, clear waters, and various amenities.
  • Lara Beach: Situated east of the city, Lara Beach is known for its golden sand and crystal-clear waters. It is home to many luxurious resorts and hotels.
  • Public Beaches: Alongside the main beaches, Antalya also boasts several public beaches where you can enjoy the sun and sea for free. These beaches may have fewer facilities but offer a more authentic experience.
  • Beach Clubs: For a more exclusive beach experience, Antalya has numerous beach clubs that offer sunbeds, umbrellas, restaurants, and entertainment options.
  • Water Sports: Many beaches in Antalya offer a range of water sports activities such as jet skiing, parasailing, and banana boat rides. Prices and availability may vary.

Parks and Recreation

  • Karaalioglu Park: Located near the city center, Karaalioglu Park offers a tranquil escape from the bustling city. It features lush greenery, beautiful views of the Mediterranean, and historical landmarks.
  • Düden Waterfalls: The Düden Waterfalls are a natural wonder located just outside the city center. The waterfalls cascade into the Mediterranean Sea, creating a picturesque setting.
  • Atatürk Park: Situated in the heart of Antalya, Atatürk Park is a popular gathering spot for locals and visitors. It features manicured gardens, fountains, and recreational areas.
  • Belek Golf Courses: If you’re a golf enthusiast, head to Belek, a nearby town known for its world-class golf courses. The area boasts several championship-level courses designed by renowned architects.
  • Antalya Zoo: For a family-friendly outing, visit the Antalya Zoo, home to a diverse range of animal species. It offers educational exhibits, animal shows, and interactive experiences.


Antalya’s public transportation system provides convenient and accessible options for exploring the city and its surroundings. Whether you choose to ride the buses, trams, taxis, or rideshare services, you’ll find that getting around Antalya is a breeze. Plan your journeys, be aware of the ticketing systems, and enjoy the beauty and attractions that Antalya has to offer.